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i would literally pay someone to grade papers for me.

Anonymous asked: "Aside from the Hobbit, what else are you obsessed with?"

ahhh there is nothing as strong as my hobbit/lotr obsession, but i do quite enjoy marvel movies, running, science, and binge watching netflix. :)

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aaand to be fair (and because i’m feeling generous), have some of the foster family au as well. :)


“This is Frodo,” she explains quietly. “He’s a foster, like you.” Killian looks up at her with wide eyes, though his expression remains unreadable. “Would you like to meet him?”

The boy is quiet and still for a long moment until he eventually nods, though his face stays drawn and tight. Guarded.

Dís smiles warmly at him to help ease him as she leads the young boy into the playpen. “Now make sure you mind your arm, dear,” she murmurs softly. Frodo perks up immediately upon their arrival, rising up on wobbly, chubby legs. The toddler meanders around the playpen, stooping to retrieve his Captain America ball, before approaching them. With a happy, delighted squeal, he holds the ball up to Killian.

“Ba’!!” he says, a wide smile splitting his face, excitement dancing in his eyes at the sight of a new playmate.

A small, timid smile crosses Killian’s features as he reaches for the ball, palming it with his good hand. 

aaand because i clearly don’t have enough fics that i’m ALREADY procrastinating on, here’s something from the singledad!kíli/pediatrician!fíli thing that i developed a mighty need for a little while ago.


“I…It’s not good news, I’m afraid,” Dr. Oin murmurs quietly, reaching out to place a comforting hand on the young man’s shoulder.

“What is it?” Kíli asks in a tremulous voice, not able to keep the note of panic out of his tone. “What’s wrong with my son?”

The hand on his shoulder squeezes just a little, in a comforting gesture. He’s grateful that their pediatrician is a family friend, though that small thought does little to ease his anxious mind.

“Just tell me,” he prods, voice barely above a whisper when the doctor hesitates to explain.

“It’s…he has leukemia, Kíli,” Oin says quietly.

It takes a second for the older man’s words to process, and then his entire world bottoms out.

You should be following these Hobbit blogs!


While we still plan to continue with our fandom introductions and fic recs (keep sending ‘em!), we realized that there are sooo many Hobbit-related blogs out there that we will never get to do an introduction for each and every one.

So we will be periodically posting lists of blogs dedicated to the Hobbit fandom with links so you can browse and follow if you choose.

Even if a blog is listed on one of these posts, we may still do an introduction for that blog in the future to highlight them more thoroughly. And there may be some past introductions linked as well. The goal is to bring together as many Hobbit fans as possible, to keep the fandom alive and well for as long as possible.

So take a look at the blogs linked below and go make some new friends! You already know you have one huge thing in common!
















if you’ve been wondering what i’ve written in the last two months, this is it. :3 gtg snippet for you!


“Thank you, my boy. I know this hasn’t been easy on you,” he murmurs.

Fíli gives him a smile that’s more of a grimace before excusing himself to join the rest of the dwarves that have gathered around their modest table, still never meeting his gaze. He is sorry, honestly well and truly is, but he hasn’t been able to find the words to express as much to Fíli. With a weary sigh, Thorin follows their last guest into the dining room, taking his own seat at the head of the table.

There is a brief bit of chaos as they gather round and vie for chairs; all of them are practically vibrating with excitement, even Fíli, though he is substantially more subdued than the others. With a soft, fond smile he regards the eleven dwarves and one wizard that have gathered with him in his home.

His company. The dwarves that will travel with him to reclaim Erebor, their home.

  • me immediately after waking up: omg i can't wait to write
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  • me with my computer open and ready to write: ...fuck