all that is gold does not glitter

not all those who wander are lost

i am having too many dwalin feels at the moment PLEASE SEND HELP


dwalin, the kingsguard and royal nanny


dwalin, the kingsguard and royal nanny

i’m in!! thanks for the love, friends!

here i am, chilling on my front steps because i locked myself out, and waiting for a ladder so i can break in to my own house.

yeup. still nailing this ‘adulthood’ thing.

i’m really sorry i’m such a whiner. i just get so nervous when i post things! replies to you sweeties under the cut.

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Update: Greater than Gold

AN – Sorry this one took forever. It’s mostly Fíli POV, and as most of you are painfully aware, I am terrible at writing from his perspective. It’s not a great chapter but it has a lot of events that needed to happen before the next one.

And soon…we will depart on our quest!

Warnings: Nothing major. Stressed babies, minor discussion of injuries.

Also on and AO3

Chapter 21: Seventy-Five and Sixty-Nine

Word Count (chapter): 6749 (sorry it’s a little short)

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In which Dís is fed up with idiots and fighting and decides to do something about it, saving the day with her awesomeness and now everyone can go home.

oh my gosh seeing balin all weepy when they get back into erebor just MELTS MEEEEE

One day I’ll remember what happened.  The good, the bad. Those who survived and… 

"how the fuck am i supposed to survive this movie"
— hobbit fandom right now (via desolation-of-feels)